Doctoral Students

Meaghan Girard

Meaghan Girard’s doctoral study is fully funded by the Global Innovation Networks Research Chair. Meaghan explores institutional networks at the heart of industrial clusters and analyzes their innovation potential

Nasrin Sultana

Nasrin Sultana’s doctoral research is affiliated with the Global Innovation Networks Research Chair. Nasrin explores the network links between actors in several technological ecosystems, along with global FDI networks.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Leila Tahmooresnejad

Leila Tahmooresnejad is a postdoctoral fellow. Her internship is funded by the Global Innovation Networks Research Chair. She conducts research on global networks of scientists and analyzes the role of women scientists and their innovation in these networks.

Master students

Samantha Khoury-Collin

Samantha Khoury-Collin is working on the analysis of competitiveness, networking and innovation in several regions adjacent to the metropolis.

Jean-François Plante-Tan

Jean-François Plante-Tan, his research work is on the global network of energy communities.

Valencia Pasteur Brun

Valencia Pasteur Brun, her work focuses on the analysis of Montreal as a smart city and analyzes the implications of Montreal’s artificial intelligence cluster for different smart city dimensions.